Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plus: With Amazing Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

All the smartphone makers are using new technology from today to make their device more user-friendly in today’s time. Today, the customer also expects that he will get some extras in the new device, leaving a feature that will make his device the best and the most different. Samsung’s Note-Series is known to give a handsome performance with an attractive design that proves to be quite popular among some extras.

This new device introduced by Samsung, you will also notice a fairly good upgrade with some attractive new features in the Galaxy Note 9. The most attractive thing here is that this upgrade gets you without any increase in price.

1. Design and Build


The design is something that is very similar to Samsung’s Note Series. As in the Galaxy Note 8, in the same way, Note 9 also gives you a large screen in front of you. This is an attractive option for those people who want a big screen in place of single-hand use so that they can see the media content in an attractive way.

But here’s a little change, the most attractive change is the new fingerprint sensor given below to the dual camera setup.
The large battery provided by the company for a better backup makes it a bit heavy, but if you hold the phone in hand, you get a lot of good effects.

For the past few years, we have been watching a large screen device. Even in phones such as OnePlus 6, you get a similar screen that comes with a slightly shorter and slim device, this is the only thing that makes it different from other phones.

2. Display

As we expect, the Galaxy Note 9 features an attractive AMOLED screen that works great on both indoors and outdoors. The 3D Touch Home button is also a great feature which I like quite well and is available in Samsung’s high-end phones. Samsung has also provided some of the finest wallpapers here, which make the screen even more attractive.

The default resolution of the screen is FHD + but we would suggest you go to the Display Settings and choose the option of better WQHD + resolution. The screen size of the display is also slightly larger than the other nine-display.

3. Camera

Whatever the best features were given in the Galaxy S9 Plus, you also get it in Note 9. The display of the rear camera of the device is quite attractive. Specifically, low-light performance is much better.
Note 9’s camera shows a better dynamic range while capturing quite a good image of the image. The image also looks exposed very well in of light. If you talk about a selfie camera, you also get good image output with the front camera.

Artificial Intelligence has been included in Note 9. The camera of the device can detect image detection and automatically optimize image settings. This camera improvement is quite commendable and it looks much better than Huawei’s P20 Pro.
The case of Camera Performance Samsung’s high-end phones always perform well. But it is still just a bit behind Pixel 2, which can further increase the level of Google from its upcoming Pixel 3.

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4. Performance and software

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In this upgrade of Note 8, you get the latest flagship grade Exynos 9810 chipset. This chipset is also given in S9 Plus, which we do not face any problem in continuously using the last 5 months and the display remains the same. Which is better than all the Samsung’s flagship phones.
You also have the same hardware and software combination in Note 9.
Samsung’s Experience User Interface is quite balanced and user-friendly too. Apart from this, you have been given Samsung Pay, Edge Launcher, and Bixby Voice Assistant just like other Samsung’s high-end phones.

The first generation that was introduced in the year was well liked by the Bixby AI Assistant. Bixby made the device quite attractive with good hardware to run the software, with which you can easily use almost all the options of your device as you use the option inside the settings.

But the second-generation introduced with Note 9. We can not say about Bixby because Samsung has not been able to offer any attractive improvements in the second generation. Apart from this, the company has not even given the option of disabling Bixby Key here.

5. Battery & Audio

Battery & Audio

In Note 9 you get 4000mAh of the battery. This proves to be a very attractive option for the user giving priority to productivity. Even after using the device for a much longer time at high-resolution display settings.  You get a battery backup of about 1 day, and on normal usage, this device gives you a little more backup than 1 day.

If talking about charging, this is not as fast as high-end flagship phones. Like the S9, in Note 9, you have also given stereo speakers tuned by AKG. Here the earpiece acts like a second speaker and makes the audio output faster and better. The audio output received by headphones is also quite commendable.

6. The best note-series flagship ever?

If you compare with Note 8 of Note 9, then you will find significant improvements in this new device. Which includes large batteries, superb camera setup, improved chipset, and S-Pen with new Bluetooth support. As we have already mentioned before, you have been offered all these improvements and features without any increase in price.
As we say every device is not perfect. So some users who are not too excited about the S-Pen will consider Galaxy S9 + as a good option because S9 + is a bit economical and easy to run.
Note-series fans and Samsung’s Note 9 can prove to be the best option. Yet for people who have a lot of professional work on their device. But in today’s time, the average size of the display with 18: 9 and 19: 9 ratios are getting bigger. There is a lot of big screens available the market.

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