PUBG Is Growing Crazy, Children Are Getting Sick From Divorce, You Also Can Sick, Be Careful

pubg craze

PUBG craze is not only in India but it is capped all over the world. If a person is bored, then the mobile opens and downloads the game. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), playing a game mental health condition worsens. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been downloaded more than 50 million times. This game is very much discussed in the youth. But its addiction is also dangerous. According to the news of hindustantimes, a 15-year-old child has fallen ill as an addiction to playing PUBG (PUBG craze). She is undergoing treatment in the Bangalore hospital.

1. Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge is the first death in India, student hangs vein, save the children from this bloody game
Not only this, but the game also has cracks in relationships. According to the news of, due to games like Fortnite and PUBG craze reached nearly 200 divorce petitions have been filed since January 2018. The owner of the company said – Drugs, alcohol and yoga addiction are seen to end the relationship but this is a new addiction in the digital world, which is ending the relationship. The Independent from the Addiction Therapist said that ‘giving children a smartphone is one game cocaine.’ And through it PUBG craze growing day by day.

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2. Blue Whale Challenge

Momo came after ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, keep your kids like this away
Let me tell you, this game was created in December last year. More than 50 million downloads have been downloaded so far. This game was the third most popular game in June. These games are now available on PC, Android, and iOS. Many children were killed in India by the Blue Whale Challenge After playing the game step by step, it provokes suicides on one step. Many have also been known because of this But PUBG is different. This game can be played either by a group or alone.


PUBG is played like this:
Through parachute, 100 players are landed on an island. Where the players have to find guns and kill their enemies. The one who survives, in the end, is a winner. 4 people can also play by making groups, which reach the end, all are called winners. To download this game it is necessary to have 2 GB of space. Because the game takes considerable space on the phone.

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