People are playing an online game like professionals and generating money

people generating money through game

Have you ever wondered if someone just makes money by playing video games? This money reaches hundreds of crores but not a small amount. In the new era, it has emerged as a new way of earning, which attracts everyone but does not win. In this era of digital media, where everything is digital, then how can the game remain in this era?

Surprised Will Be Realized By Earning Through Gaming)
Now in the era of increasing digitization, online gaming has become a career for many people. There are many names like Ronak Sen, Balaji Ramnarine, who spend 8 hours a day playing games online, and this is not his hobby but he does all this to earn money. Gaming companies are giving big money in the form of prize money on winning the game. Playing online video games in India has become a profession. In which people participate at the National and International level and earn up to 5 lakh to 20 million per tournament.

This figure has reached 3.5 crores in the first 4 months of this year. Actually, online live streaming of online gaming is also done by which many people are watching the game, so many advertisements are also made which can make big money in just a few hours.

The company named Cobus is planning to invest $ 10 million in the coming three years so that the best gamers from India can be found. A mobile publishing company, Nazara has also announced to invest $ 20 million in Indian e-Sport.

This year, Ronnie Screwvala U. Cipher has announced a prize money of Rs 51 lakhs in the e-sports championship. These companies are taking an interest in this profession because these companies are getting sponsorship because of the people playing professional games.

Know Who Is The Most Earning Player Through E-gaming:

1. Li Peng (Ice Ice)


China’s Dota-2 player Li Peng achieved great success in 2016. Although Li Peng has won most of the Chinese games, his earnings are more than $ 19.80 million, or 13.31 million rupees. Li Peng is Asia’s biggest gamer.

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2. Clinton Loomis (Fior)

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Gary World’s legendary Clinton Loomis was a US-based Dota 2 player, and now coaching this video game by the name of ‘Fear’. Loomis is currently associated with the company named ‘Evil Genius’. Lummis’s video game’s earnings figure is $ 23.72 million, or more than Rs 15.95 crore. 

3. Sumal Hassan (Suma 1L)


American-born American Gamer Sumail Hassan is third in the list of gamers in the world. At the age of 17, Sumile won the Guinness record by winning the prize money of $ 1 million. Sumile has so far won 24 million dollars (about Rs 16.15 crore) in the world of gaming. Sumail is one of the most influential youth from the world.

4. Peter Dagger (PPD)

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 he knew in the world of gaming as ‘PPD’ is the CEO of E-Sport Company ‘Evil Genius’ Peter Dagger. Dagger has so far won more than $ 2.6 million (17.50 million) prize in e-gaming in his career. However, Peter now focuses more on his company and is away from professional gaming.

5. Sahil Arora (Universe)


The considered to be the biggest gamer in the world is Dota-2 veteran player. America’s Proprietor Dota-2 video game player Sahil’s name is ‘Universe’ in the gaming world. Sahil is the world’s highest-earning e-player. 27-year-old Sahil has so far earned more than $ 27 million (about Rs 18.30 crore) through merit.

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