How To Find Lost Contacts If Phone Lost OR Stolen

find lost contact

Here we use different-different Brand of Smartphone which has full-fill with many advances and most interesting features plus smartphone company has upgraded our phone brand day in or day out. There on it want that they provide the best-to-best phone with customer satisfaction to our user. Or That’s why we have must one smartphone which could make life easy or helpful. Or that’s why we totally depend on it, our maximum work complete with the help of a smartphone. With the help of it, we can stay connected with each other also. But are you know how the phone is troubled us when it is lost or stolen then that time more difficult task to find lost contacts that how to connect with anybody?

Because our maximum work is done with a phone like Call, Online work ( Office, Home, School, college plus study), offline work and some others. So by the chance, if your phone is stolen or lost then our life is disturbed and will doing trouble because that time we can’t contact each other after lost or stolen the phone and through this directly disturb in the absence of contact after lost or stolen the phone. There time how to secure contact under this situation and stay connected to each other in the absence of phone!

find lost contact

If you facing contact trouble then don’t worry we have a solution that how to solve it in a few minutes that how to find lost contacts when the phone had been lost or stolen

Important Notes:-

• Which phone is stolen or lost that would must a Smartphone
• And that phone have a login with your Gmail ID

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Find Lost Contacts if phone lost or stolen:-

First – You would have a device where on will be surfing your internet ( Mobile, Tab, Laptop)

Second – Type the under URL box “” and go to Gmail

Third – After reached on Gmail site click on login

find lost contact
Fourth – Type the username or password and click “Enter”

[ Enter that Gmail id which has available on the lost or stolen phone ]

Fifth – After that go to

.com and after that, you go right side corner of the google website and there click on the menu option

find lost contact

Sixth – After that clicking on the menu, here shall be visible the many type service of google but you will click on Contact

find lost contact

Seven – After opening it finally show your contacts which had.

Important Note: If your contact is not visibilities then it means that time of contact saving you will not choose or select the path of Google so that’s why you will not able to visible self-contact

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